‘Sugar Man’ by RodriguezFinally got around to watching Searching For Sugar Man.
If you haven’t seen it - do! 

‘Sugar Man’ by Rodriguez
Finally got around to watching Searching For Sugar Man.

If you haven’t seen it - do! 

Week 15 - Shoot From The Lips

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‘Water Fountain’ by tUnE-yArDs is my new jam.

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Week 14 - Store-bought Hope

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The excellent Lux Lisbon did a cover of a song I once wrote. And it’s so great!

If you haven’t already, listen to some of their own stuff here.

Week 13 - Damp

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People and other life forms of Tumblr.

I don’t ask a lot. I snidely mock the things I make and share to save anyone else the trouble. I very rarely ask strangers for a belly-rub any more.

But what would be super-helpful and really great would be if you could click on the link up there and sign up to this Thunderclap with your Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr. That would just be really great. We need 100 people for it to go out. It’s a work thing (I am somehow a person with a job, you see), but it’s also pretty important, too, so I hope you can help out.


Week 12 - Rosy Picture

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Week 11 - Out Of Character

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Week 10 - Headrush

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Week 9 - Shaking Knees

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‘Holy City’ by Joan as Police Woman is my new jam.

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Enormous sea creatures made of citrus fruits.  Truly, we live in an age of many wonders.

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If you were so inclined, the tracks from this year’s project so far can be listened to on Soundcloud.

If you weren’t so inclined, they’ll still be there but you can ignore this post.